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true taste bursting with character

Keeping it real
    Pink Punk Pink punk is our take on a Shirley Temple mocktail, originally created for the child movie star of the same name. Packed with ripe rounded lemons, sweet juicy raspberries and a hint of fresh ginger to deliver an explosion of characterful flavour.
  • GINGER REBEL - 12 cans
    GINGER REBEL - 12 cans
    Ginger Rebel Ginger Rebel is our take on the much loved British Navy drink called Gunner. Packed with ripe rounded lemons, zingy fresh ginger and aromatic bitters to deliver an explosion of characterful flavour.
  • SUNDOWNER - 12 cans
    SUNDOWNER - 12 cans
    Sundowner Just like the kangaroos of Australia, our Sundowner concoction comes packing a punch. Thanks to zingy limes, ripe lemons and aromatic bitters, Sundowner is a lime lemonade with true character.
  • TURTLE JUICE - 12 cans
    TURTLE JUICE - 12 cans
    Turtle Juice Taking inspiration from St Lucia, our mango lemonade Turtle Juice is the ultimate combination of sweet mangos, zesty limes and fresh lemon married together with a subtle hint of coconut to transport you to tropical climates.