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Lemonade craze: introducing our two new flavours 

Adding our very own spin on the much-loved, classic lemonade is what we do best. So, we're taking soft drinks to the next level once again with our two latest additions to the Gunna line-up. If you're a fan of tropical drinks, our mango lemonade and lime soda creations will have your taste buds jumping for joy. In your search for new sodas in 2021, look no further. We give you...Sundowner and Turtle Juice.

Developing new flavours

To introduce our new flavours, Sundowner and Turtle Juice, we caught up with our co-founder Chris. When we asked Chris to describe the flavour development process in three words, he went with "exciting, fruity and tiring." Now, we want to share that process with you.

As he shares insight into the process, Chris explained: ”when the UK went into lockdown in Spring 2020, our pub and restaurant partners' activity naturally slowed down too. Making the best out of a bad situation, the team went back into the kitchen to work on some new flavours.” Fast forward a year, and we're ready to share our Lime Lemonade and Tropical Mango Lemonade with the world.

For Chris, the flavour development process's highlight is refining the flavours from an idea to an excellent drink; it's a long but gratifying process. Chris explained: "Having new ideas and inspiration is relatively easy, but the fun (and hard work) is in finding the right type and combinations of flavours to create a new soft drink that is truly delicious."

While the process isn't as straightforward as you might first think, it's certainly rewarding. In the coming months, team Gunna will get to see our craft sodas sold in some of the most prominent outlets, knowing it started with Chris squeezing some fruit in his kitchen at home during lockdown with a toddler running around. It may have been challenging at times, but we definitely pulled it off.

Turtle Juice: Tropical Mango Lemonade

As you may already know, each of Gunna's soft drinks is named after the location of the inspiration behind each recipe. Turtle Juice is inspired by a specific Mango Daiquiri cocktail that we came across from St Lucia. As you'd expect from the Caribbean, our Mango Lemonade is full of tropical flavours.

Chris shares: “Turtle Juice is packed with sweet mangos, a zesty twist of lime and a hint of coconut.” We know that mango drinks are much-loved, but we wanted to take things up a notch. He continued: “Adding a new dimension to traditional mango drinks, we've incorporated the sourness of lime to cut through the sweet mangos and a hint of coconut to add a tropical complexity without overpowering it.”

Sundowner: Ultra Refreshing Lime Lemonade

Sundowner is inspired by lemon, lime and bitters, a concoction widely enjoyed across Australia. If lime and soda is your go-to drink, we bet our bottom dollar you'll be a fan of our lime lemonade.

“Sundowner is filled with zingy limes and ripe, rounded lemons, married together with a dash of aromatic bitters. Our thoughtful flavour combination delivers a complex sweet, sour and bitter flavour that hits the spot every time.” Expanding on the flavour profile, Chris explained: "We're really proud of the freshness of the lime in Sundowner; we wanted to recreate the fresh lime flavour you get when squeezing fresh limes for juice."

Why choose Gunna Drinks

Every time we go through the flavour development process, we make it our mission to create interesting fizzy drinks different from the rest. Chris explains: "Since launching, we've seen through the success of our Pink Punk Raspberry Lemonade that soda fans want new takes on drinks they're familiar with." He added: "We wanted to bring some excitement to Tropical and Lime drinks. With the two new additions to our range, there is something for everyone in the Gunna line up."

Combining real flavour and true character, Gunna is here to disrupt the soft drinks market and give the traditional, sugar-packed fizzy drinks a run for their money. In the worlds of Chris: "we prioritise interesting, characterful flavour over everything else. Gunna was started to battle the blandness of mainstream soft drinks, and our obsession is in making the best tasting soft drinks with delicious yet complex flavours."

Sold? Whether you're in search of wholesale fizzy drinks or you're a craft soda lover keen to try Gunna for the first time, we welcome you to the Gunna clan. Here's to battling the bland.

All of our drinks come wrapped up in recyclable packaging as we pledge to remain plastic-free!

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