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    Sparkling Mint Lemonade

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    Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade

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    Sparkling Tropical Lemonade

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Welcome to GUNNA – where bold, craft lemonades meet planet-positive impact. We're shaking up the beverage game with cocktail-inspired flavors that burst with real fruit goodness, all while boosting your health with essential vitamins and minerals.

Our carbon-negative, plastic-free drinks come in sleek, sip-and-reseal aluminium bottles, perfect for on-the-go refreshment. With GUNNA, you're not just quenching your thirst – you're joining a flavor revolution and sipping towards a brighter, more sustainable future. Dive in and taste the difference today!


What makes GUNNA drinks different from other sodas?

GUNNA stands out with our bold, cocktail-inspired flavors made from real fruit. We're carbon-negative, plastic-free, and packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Plus, our innovative sip-and-reseal aluminium bottles offer convenience without compromising on taste or environmental responsibility.

Are GUNNA drinks healthy?

Yes! Our lemonades contain 30% of your RDA for 9 essential vitamins and minerals, including 100% RDA of immune-boosting Vitamin C and Zinc. We use real ingredients and no unnecessary additives, offering great taste without the guilt.

How is GUNNA environmentally friendly?

We're committed to being planet-positive. GUNNA is always carbon-negative, meaning we offset double the carbon we emit. We're also plastic-free, using recyclable aluminium bottles. By choosing GUNNA, you're supporting our mission to combat plastic pollution and promote sustainability.

What flavors do you offer?

We offer a range of exciting flavors inspired by global tastes and classic cocktails. Some of our popular options include Turtle Juice (a tropical Mango Daiquiri-inspired drink), Pink Punk (our take on a Raspberry Lemonade), and Miss Mojita (a refreshing lemon-mint combo). Each flavor offers a unique taste adventure!

What's special about GUNNA's new packaging?

Our new sip-and-reseal aluminium bottles are a game-changer. They offer more liquid than our previous packaging, are perfect for on-the-go sipping, and maintain our commitment to being plastic-free. The resealable feature means you can enjoy your GUNNA at your own pace without losing carbonation or damaging our planet.

5 Star Flavour 5 Star Reviews

Don't just take our word for it:

Better For You & Your Planet

Each GUNNA flavor is an adventure for your taste buds. We've reimagined classic drinks without the alcohol, packing in full-frontal flavor sensations that are taste-tested and approved by our customers. But we're more than just great taste – we're on a mission. With every sip, you're supporting our fight against plastic pollution and helping us offset double the carbon we emit.

Plus, with 100% of your RDI of Zinc and Vitamin C in every bottle, GUNNA isn't just refreshing – it's a toast to your health and the planet's future.