Gunna Is Better For You As Well

We love fizzy drinks, but like you, we also care for our health, and yours of course!

Frankly, some of the ‘old school’ sodas require a 2-week detox. So, we decided that our lovely lemonades should be healthier, as well as ridiculously tasty.

We’ve added Immune boosting vitamins and minerals and reduced the calories to just 60 per can.


WE’RE as good as we taste

  • Immune Boosting

    Each flavor-packed can of GUNNA contains 30% of the RDA for 9 essential vitamins and minerals, including 100% RDA of Vitamin C and Zinc, which together help to support your immune system.

  • Less Sugar

    Our drinks have less than ½ the sugar of a regular soda or juice, that’s around 60 calories per can.

  • All Natural

    If you’ve never heard of it (or if it sounds like a chemistry experiment) then it probably shouldn’t be in your drink. So, we got rid of that junk and made GUNNA 100% natural.

  • Vegan

    It’s difficult to know why a soft drink could be anything but vegan. But surprisingly, many soda products contain animal derivatives. Mind blown. Safe to say that GUNNA is free from and 100% vegan.

GUNNA leaves you with a better taste.