Dry January with Gunna Drinks

Dry January with Gunna Drinks!

If you’re in search of a tasty non-alcoholic drinks that isn’t as bland as pond water or as sugary as one of Mary Berry’s meringues, look no further. Gunna Drinks has got your back. Whether our Ginger beer tipple takes your fancy, or our much-loved Shirley Temple inspired Raspberry Lemonade, Gunna was born out of a desire to provide fun non-alcoholic drinks. Some may say that we’re made for each other.

Dry January in numbers

According to reports, a record number of Britons are set to take part in dry January, so, buddy up and take on the challenge.

A poll from UK charity Alcohol Change found that more than 6.5 million adults intend to take part in dry January. That’s a whole lotta soft drinks to be enjoyed!

As drinking in the UK is now mostly home-based thanks to ongoing restrictions and curfews, sales of non-alcoholic and low alcoholic alternatives have increased over the past year as shoppers opt for a hangover-free option.

Thankfully, we’ve got that covered.

Stay sober with Gunna

If you’re looking for a low-sugar, full flavour non-alcoholic beverage to put a smile on your face this January, we’ve got five fun flavours for you to take your pick from.

Pink Punk – Raspberry Lemonade

Shirley Temple fans, rejoice! This fun and fruity favourite draws inspiration from the world-famous ‘Shirley Temple’ mocktail. According to the stories, Shirley felt left out because the adult actors on the movie set were sinking alcoholic drinks, so one of the bar staff crafted a personalised mocktail for the star blending lemonade, grenadine and ginger beer.

Our Pink Punk blends fresh, plump raspberries with bitter lemon and a delicate touch of ginger to bring ultimate joy to your taste buds.

Ginger Rebel – Ginger Beer

We’re not one to blow our own trumpets, so, we’ll let the Great Taste Awards do that for us. Yep, you read it right; our Ginger Rebel bagged an award in 2020. This funky flavour profile is our spin on the much-loved British drink that is ginger beer. The original recipe was crafted by the British Navy over 100 years ago, and it’s here to stay! As well as being super refreshing, it was also a go-to beverage thanks to the ginger reducing seasickness and angostura helping to settle the stomach.

As we offer a fresh take on the classic, we’ve combined ripe lemons, lime and fresh ginger with aromatic herbs to create a truly unique flavour profile. Trust us; you just need to try it for yourself.

Twisted - Lemonade and Mint

You can never go wrong with lemonade, right? Our super refreshing Twisted takes inspiration from a fresh lemonade recipe popular in Moscow. In a bid to chase away the summer heat in the city, clever Twisted combines fresh lemons, mint and a twist of ginger to create a match made in heaven. While the sun may not be shining in England right now, we think Twisted is equally as refreshing all year round.

Sticking to the status quo, our version was stolen with pride as we combined ripe lemons, African mint and a hint of ginger.

The only question left is, which one will you go for?

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