Get to know Gunna

Introducing Gunna, a craft soda brand on a mission to battle the bland. Gunna launched in the UK in 2017 after three friends grew tired of sugar-packed, flavorless drinks on the market. Today, Gunna is a fast growing soda in the UK, and now, we’re going global.

Sparkling lemonade like never before

As we set out to shake up the soft drink market, we pledged to take soda to the next level. So, as we lovingly crafted a recipe to battle the giants, our soda is made from natural fruit juices, sparkling water, and a dash of sugar. With additional ingredients you can count on one hand, we can proudly say Gunna soda contains no nasties, no artificial colors or preservatives. Plus, at just 60 calories per can, our low sugar soda is a wise choice indeed. With Gunna soda, you get to enjoy fun, creative flavors minus any strange ingredients.

After conquering the UK, we thought it was about time we brought our sparkling lemonades to the US. Our vegan-friendly sodas come packing a punch with fruity flavor at the heart of our unique recipes. Pairing fresh fruits and natural flavors like bitter herbs and zingy ginger extract, we’ve developed individual flavor profiles that are sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter.

So-damn good

Putting our spin on much-loved classics from across the globe, we give you four fabulous flavors:

Pink Punk

Inspired by the famous ‘Shirley Temple’ mocktail, our Pink Punk is a tantalizing raspberry soda marrying fresh, plump raspberries with sharp lemon and a delicate hint of warm fresh ginger. 

Ginger Rebel

This rebellious concoction is inspired by the quintessentially British drink traditionally made with ginger beer & aromatic bitters. Revamping the much-loved classic, this unique flavor profile contains fresh floral ginger notes, ripe lemons, lime and aromatic herbs. 


Our take on the famous lemon, lime and bitters of Australia, Sundowner, is as punchy as the Kangaroos of the outback. Mixing zingy limes, ripe lemons and aromatic bitters, Sundowner is a lime soda with true character. 

Turtle Juice

As we spin the globe one final time, we take you to tropical climates. Inspired by a delicious mango daiquiri discovered in St Lucia; minus the rum, Turtle Juice is sunshine in a can. Packed with sweet mangos, zingy limes and coconut, Sundowner is a tropical lemonade full of flavor.

Climate positive

As the world faces a climate emergency, we refuse to sit back and ignore it. So as we strive to do our part for the planet, Gunna officially pledged to go carbon negative in 2021, making us the UK’s most climate positive craft soda.

We're committed to the climate, from handpicking our suppliers and production sites with the planet in mind to using 100% recyclable cans. Investing in three carbon reduction projects.

You can learn more about our climate pledge here.

Our motto is simple, unreal lemonade full of real flavors. Sparkling lemonade never tasted so good.

Don’t just take our word for it; click here to buy our craft soda online and decide for yourself.

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