Born Out Of A Love For Lemonade

True story – there’s a barman in a clubhouse, somewhere in deepest Surrey, UK, who mixes a drink he named a Gunner. It was a spicy mix of ginger ale, lime and bitters. To lemonade loving Melvin, one of our founders, that first sip was a taste explosion. “Why don’t all sodas taste this good?” he thought.

With that, Melvin, Bella and Chris got to work. But unlike old school soft drinks, GUNNA had to taste great, not damage your health and be kind to the planet.

After many hours, weeks and months of tasting, tweaking and honing, the GUNNA range of lemonade drinks were born.



The big players in the soft drinks market are lazy. Using chemicals instead of real fruits. In fact, the big soda brands have never even seen a lemon. To be clear, what they’re really making is profit. To add insult to injury they then package it up using single use plastic that choke our oceans.

GUNNA’s lemonade drinks are better. For a start, we craft our drinks using real lemons. Each recipe is inspired by a famously delicious soft drink made behind a bar, where sweet, sour and bitter are expertly balanced to deliver a complex yet refreshing burst of flavor.

Initially, we thought it would be difficult to improve on this, until we added healthy immune boosting vitamins and minerals. Today, GUNNA is:

  • Immune boosting
  • Vegan friendly
  • No nasties
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • No unnecessary calories

Better for you and better for the planet.

In fact, in taste tests, the GUNNA range comes out top. It’s amazing what can happen when you actually love lemonade!

Delicious lemonades don’t need to destroy our planet or ruin our bodies

Chris Prowting, MD & Co-Founder

Meet The Team

Meet The Team Meet The Team