The drinks industry is a major source of both carbon and waste. Plastic bottles are choking our oceans and the drinks industry is the worst plastic offender by far.

And it’s totally unnecessary, because drinks can be sold in cans or in glass bottles, both of which (although not perfect) are much better for the environment.

 So, we are campaigning to phase plastic bottles out by 2030, switching to glass or aluminium instead. As part of the campaign, we are running a petition against single use plastic in the UK.



  • Double carbon offset: We offset 2g of carbon for every 1g that’s created making GUNNA. Some people call this carbon negative. Call it what you want, we’d just love it if Big Soda would copy us.

  • Infinitely recyclable: GUNNA will only ever be sold in packaging which can be infinitely recycled – that’s aluminium and glass. Plastic can be recycled 2x at best, then it goes into landfill or the sea.

  • Picking up our competitor’s crap: We decided being carbon negative and never in plastic was not enough, so each year we invest our profits into The Clean Oceans Project. They pick up tonnes of our competitors’ plastic waste from the world’s beaches every year.

  • GUNNA ban plastic: That’s all good, but we felt it’s still not enough, so we are also campaigning to ban plastic drinks bottles, switching over to cans and glass instead. That would have a huge impact on the world. Join our fight.


  • Petition against single-use plastic

    “Ban single-use plastic bottles in the manufacture of soft drinks for the UK market

    We want the Government to take action to cut down plastic pollution by banning single-use plastic bottles in the manufacture of soft drinks in the UK.

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  • Gunna Drinks: Planet-positive and Eco-friendly Brand of Craft Sodas

    If you didn't already know, we're big on doing our bit for the planet at Gunna. In this blog, we're going to share some of our initiatives. And, we'll share some top tips on what we can do as individuals to save our planet.

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  • Gunna Against Plastic

    Alarming amounts of plastic end up in our ocean, creating a devastating effect on sea life, destroying species and contributing to pollution. our partnership with plastic bank allows us to help to reduce ocean plastic while improving the lives of those who are most affected.

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  • And the middle finger award goes to...

    We delivered a cheeky middle finger sculpture made of plastic cola bottles to Coca Cola with the message “Pick Up Your Crap” for Christmas.

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We’ll leave you with one last thought...

According to the WWF, the amount of plastic in the ocean is expected to double in the next 15 years. If it does, by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in the sea, by weight.

Let's can plastics