Soft drink trends in 2021

Soft drink trends in 2021

For Gunna Drinks, we must keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to soft drink trends, after all, we want to make our customers happy. From an increased demand for vegan-friendly soft drinks to craft drinks which can rival our customer's favourite cocktails, we've been keeping our eye on the trends in the soft drink industry throughout the year.

Of course, we're a brand for the people, so now we're sharing our knowledge with you. That's right, for our very first post we're going to identify the soft drink trends that have shaped 2021 and will stick around for the future. So, sit back, grab a delicious Gunna drink and relax. You're about to get schooled.

  1. Increasing demand for craft soft drinks

The standard can of coke just doesn't cut it anymore for some customers. Instead, consumers are in search of better soft drink options that are truly enjoyable. From flavours crafted to pair with foods to a fresh twist on classic flavours like raspberry lemonade, the soft drink industry is transforming for the better.

Contrary to popular belief, craft drinks aren't exclusive to beer. While many trends will come and go, we believe the demand for craft soft drinks is here to stay.

  1. Increased demand for healthier drinks

Much like in 2020, the wellness trend is here to stay for 2021. As consumers are on the lookout for healthier alternatives to the classic fizzy drinks that dominate the market, craft soft drinks come into play. For many consumers, low calories, less sugar, and no artificial colours or preservatives are essential factors when it comes to choosing a soft drink. Move over sugar-packed soft drinks, it's time for the vegan-friendly fizzy drinks to shine. Plant-based wins!

  1. Continued demand for sustainability

The demand for sustainability is not just a trend in the soft drink industry, but one we've seen increase across many industries in recent years. Conscious consumption is on the rise, and brands should be meeting that demand. As the internet provides more information about environmentally relevant topics, shoppers are happy to pay a higher price for quality products that can be enjoyed with a clear conscience.

From seasonal fruits to plastic reduction and short transport routes, consumers are delving deeper to ensure a brand is sustainable, or at the least, taking steps to become sustainable.

Here at Gunna we are proud to announce that we became one of the first CARBON NEGATIVE SOFT DRINK BRANDS in the UK.

  1. A rise in teetotalism - increase of non-alcoholic drinkers

According to reports released last year, statistics showed that one in five are on a no-alcohol mission and want better soft drink options. It's no secret that frequent drinking is somewhat part of British culture; however, not everyone wants to sink alcoholic beverages when they socialize.

Instead, consumers are looking for exciting alternatives like non-alcoholic craft soft drinks that are good enough to rival the fanciest cocktails on offer. When the wellness surge and a desire to drink less come together, a space for healthier fizzy drinks opens up. Who says a ginger lemonade isn’t the perfect beer garden tipple?

  1. A market for Instagrammable packaging

The world of Instagram, influencers and food bloggers is definitely one that's here to stay. Of course, consumers are looking for products, packaging and places that will look good on the 'gram.

It goes without saying that it's in a brands' favour to develop Instagrammable packaging because user-generated content is so valuable. As the years go by, shoppers trust Instagram, influencers and their peers more than traditional marketing efforts. So, nailing your packaging is a huge plus.

  1. A want for diversity and unique flavours

Consumers want healthier option without compromising on flavour. As craft soft drink brands battle it out to bring flavour-packed drinks to the table, we’re giving them a run for their money. You can easily find your favourites from our range of craft drinks: for the ginger lovers, we’ve got our ginger lemonade. Of course, we’ve also got some fruity favourites with our twisted; lemonade and mint and pink punk; raspberry lemonade, tropical and lime lemonades. Take your pick.

Who knew keeping up with trends in the soft drink industry could be so much fun? Stay tuned for our next blog post!

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